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How to reach player?
PM: this
AIM: krharbek
email: krharbek at gmail

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: yep
Threadhopping with this character: just ask first
Fourthwalling: sure
Canon puncture: n/a
Offensive subjects: nope

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: very, very gay
Hugging this character: definitely
Flirting with this character: always
Giving this character a kiss: go for it
Something more intimate: not unlikely
Relationships: much more unlikely, but not impossible
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: discuss it with me first
Fighting with this character: sure, though he's not a great fighter
Injuring this character: discuss it with me first
Killing this character: nooo
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: go for it, just ask me what someone could see
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The Player
Name/nickname: Krissy
Age: 26
Pronouns: lady ones
Contact: krharbek on AIM
Experience: *modly wave*
Currently played characters: Topher, Lucy, Seth, Ten, James (retired)

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] ethanrichards
Name: Ethan Richards
Alias: Well, he gets a lot of sexy ones
Age/Birthdate: 26 years, born 29 July 1986
Species: Human
Canon: Original
Canon point: Same date as when joining the game
Played By: n/a


Due to his creativity and his ability to get any material thing almost as easily as he wants throughout most of his life, Ethan gains the power of creating objects out of thin air. He can also unmake them on demand, and they'll disappear after a few hours even if he doesn't. It's also easiest if he's physically touching or close to the thing he creates. He can't create objects that are too large (say, he could easily create a little stool, but probably not a big armchair) and not too many at the same time (unless they're very small). He can create some living things, but they will generally just be mimicry of life. He could create a bird (though it would be tricky) but it would never behave in a way he didn't expect, or have a will of its own. If he makes food or drink, it could taste great but not have any nutritional value, especially as it would soon disappear. (You could get drunk on his alcohol though, and get undrunk very quickly if he unmakes it.)

Caucasian, 5'9" tall, average build and keeps in good shape. He's very attractive, and knows it, holding himself with confidence and grace, but he tries not to overshadow people. He's got full hair, dyed vibrantly red on the top and back and grown fairly long, with short brown hair on the sides. He's got various piercings both visible and hidden by clothes, including in his eyebrow and tongue and many earrings. He's usually clean shaven, but not always. Generally wears ripped jeans and shirts, his style usually something like casual punk, but he's not afraid to switch it up with something ridiculous or something sober. He smiles easily and usually exudes energy and friendliness.

Carefree, promiscuous, creative, fun-loving and generous. He loves attention and being in the spotlight, though he's mature and polite enough not to be obnoxious about it. He's very interested in people, so he's equally happy to listen rather than talking, though he hates being ignored. He used to really feel like he needed to prove himself, which sometimes led to him not being as considerate as he could be, sometimes talking over people, but he's since become a bit more secure, and equally happy to highlight others who he feels deserves praise. He's very giving and eager to please, and in general likes being liked, but on the flip-side can sometimes be a bit needy and demanding.

He's loyal and empathetic, but he doesn't bother pandering to people who don't deserve it. He has no qualms about telling jerks to shut up. Both as a lover and a friend he demands a lot of attention and reassurance, but in return he's willing to always do his best to please his partner. He doesn't mind being bossed around (in fact he rather likes it), as long as he's rewarded and treated with respect, though he also loves teasing and misbehaving. In general, he's a lot like a puppy, and while he can be mature when the situation calls for it, he's not afraid to come across as childish.

He has a tendency to fall hard and fast in love, which has led to a few messy breakups and heartaches, which in turn has made him very wary of entering committed relationships. He has a history of starting to date guys only to freak out and either break up or cheat on them, then come crawling back begging for forgiveness. For the last few years he's largely avoided relationships altogether (though there's been plenty of casual sex), taking the time to grow up a bit and get some distance on all the drama, and is slowly starting to consider dating again.

His real driving force is music and other creative endeavors. He loves surrounding himself with the artist community, particularly the eccentric people. He always strives to do something interesting and new. Getting stuck in a routine or too much committment is hell for him, and he often changes things up simply for the sake of change.

Born 1986, north on the east coast of the US. He was raised in a mansion, went to very expensive private schools, and had private tutors. His relationship with his parents was never particularly strong, but thanks to a great nanny and other adults in his life, he was raised decently. He was always pushed academically, his parents rather set on him becoming a doctor, though he preferred the more creative subjects. He played basketball for a time, but eventually gave it up. He was also tutored in singing, playing piano and violin, and practiced playing guitar privately.

He also came out as gay to his close friends in his mid-teens, and has dated guys in secret for many years, without his parents' knowledge. He also partied an awful lot, to blow off stress from his schooling, drinking and experimenting with drugs, and had a tendency to end up in a few bad situations and generally acting stupid, but somehow managed to avoid anything to really threaten his future.

Music was always his passion, and he wanted to attend Julliard, inspired by his music tutor. However, his parents wouldn't let him, wanting him to have a more sensible career, but he did manage to convince them to send him to NYU. He'd figured that there were worse things to be than a doctor, perhaps he could even do some good and exciting like join Doctors Without Borders, and his parents would get off his back and get to do his own thing. He managed to make it till some time out into his second year of college, and he just couldn't take it anymore, and he dropped out. He enjoyed living dirty in the big city with all its dangers and excitement, partying, sleeping around, and writing music. However, this wasn't the most productive time of his life, as his worrying about when he'd be found out meant he worked harder at distracting himself, rather than really pursuing his passions.

Eventually it became clear to his parents what he was doing with his time, and after one rather magnificent and very public fight (where he showed up at a fundraiser with red hair and ripped clothes), they seemed content with letting him do his own thing, as long as he avoided making a scandal. Despite not being on speaking terms, they were still worried about him and didn't cut him off. They gave him a monthly allowance, which along with a job at a music store let him live reasonably comfortably and still have enough spare time to work on his music. Up until then he hadn't really had any serious band involvement, but now with new motivation to really focus on it, he formed the band Metro Zombie, with him as lead singer and lyricist. He also played solo gigs, accompanying himself on piano or electric violin.

The most serious and long-term of his relationships was with a law student named Leland, with whom he had a very rocky and intense relationship for almost a year. Eventually Leland ended up leaving him (though Ethan wasn't exactly without fault), after which Ethan moved to LA to get over Leland and get a better handle on his life. Though he'd left his band, he stayed in the music scene as a solo artist. After about a year, 24 years old by now, Ethan moved back to New York, buying a rather fancy flat rather than the grunge-like ones he'd been living in before. He also reconnected a little with his parents, having outgrown most of his rebellious attitude and not so intent on spiting them, and they even paid for him renting a music studio, in return for him occasionally coming home to visit. (They compromised; he'd wear nicer clothes if they didn't make him stop having red hair.)

The last two years, he's spent most of his time with his music, dabbling in a lot of different style, but usually playing something like punk cabaret, often solo, occasionally with a group. Occasionally he'd do a gig with Metro Zombie, after they overcome their issues with Ethan abruptly leaving. He'd become a lot more serious about pursuing music as a career, often getting a bit obsessive about it, though always with a focus on artistic expression rather than fame.


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